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It may be best acknowledged for its avast free antivirus, however Prague-based Avast could be a cyber-security big that reports 400 million users and claims to own 400th of the protection software system market outside of China. In 2016, it uninheritable AVG, and Avast product currently mix the most effective of each technologies. Avast professional Antivirus could be a terribly powerful product that comes filled with essential options. There is period virus protection, universal resource locator filtering, a parole manager, browser clean-up module, wireless network checker, and a secure browser for your on-line banking and searching. One drawback here is that Avast Free conjointly has these options. The best thing about Avast professional is Real Site, a secure DNS system that protects from DNS hijacks and stops you being scammed by sites. There is conjointly a sandbox to firmly take a look at dubious programs, that might be handy if you are forever downloading the newest software system.

The other issue may be the value that formally is an eye-watering £40 ($51) for a one-computer, annual license. McAfee charges a similar quantity to hide as several computers as you wish, and different big-name competitors are usually around £25 to £30.

Avast Free Antivirus 2017 Download

Still, you ought not to pay this, a minimum for a year. Once the 30-day test period was completed we tend to were offered abundant lower ‘upgrade’ prices: £20 ($25) for 1 year, £35 ($45) for 2 and £50 ($64) for 3. If you are inquisitive about the merchandise, take the trial instead of pay the complete worth on the Avast web site, and appearance out for discounts and deals elsewhere.


Avast professional Antivirus offers lots of fine-tuning choices for skilled users, which starts nearly as presently as you fan the flames of the installer. Touch the Customize module permits the user to settle on precisely that of 17 modules they’d prefer to install. If you do not would like the browser extensions, or you are proud of another parole manager, or there is anything you do not need, simply clear the relevant checkboxes and they will be neglected.

There’s an uncommon privacy-related bit at the top of the method. Like several different product, avast professional Antivirus collects (non-personal) data concerning its use, however the corporate does not simply prefer you in to the current theme and hope you will not notice. A close message explains what happens and why, and explains wherever you’ll be able to flip this feature off.

Dismiss the privacy details and there is nothing else to try to. Avast does not even prompt you to reboot: you’ll be able to simply stick with it as traditional. Checking out the Avast program folders unconcealed many unsigned files, a difficulty because it makes it harder to spot the developer. Most of those are third-party, however a minimum of 2 seem to be Avast’s own code. There’s a ton of code there, too. Of course there’s around a computer memory unit of files – no nice surprise with Avast’s several options to support. This does not appear to be mirrored within the resource necessities, though. Avast professional Antivirus more 3 background processes to our take a look at laptop, and most of the time they used lower than 100MB RAM.

Other Features

Launch Avast professional Antivirus for the primary time and it seems misleadingly simple: you’ll see simply a toolbar to the left and one sensible Scan button. However click the button and you will realize what the program will do, because it checks for viruses, incompatible software system, missing patches, unhealthy browser add-ons, network security problems, performance issues and weak passwords, dead around 3 minutes. Malware detection was on top of average in our tests, although we tend to did have a handful of false alarms. If you do not need to run the sensible Scan, there are separate buttons to run a fast scan, full scan, check removable drives, scan specific folders, or schedule a scan once you next boot.

Web protection is part delivered by browser extensions, however annoyingly the Chrome add-on (Avast on-line Security) wasn’t straight off put in by Avast. There looks to be a constitutional 12-hour delay, and it wasn’t till subsequent day that we are prompted to simply accept the installation. Fortunately, the browsing protection you get is mostly superb. Universal resource locator filtering is best than most, particularly for malware sites (antiphishing results were average). Dangerous links also are highlighted in computer programme results, and most trackers are blocked. The browsing extensions conjointly try and find once you are work in to a banking web site, and prompt you to launch Avast’s SafeZone instead, a secure and isolated browser that makes it harder for malware to capture your details. This worked for us with all the banking sites we tried, though it did nothing once we visited PayPal. Fortuitously, you’ll be able to customise SafeZone’s behavior or simply launch it manually to additional firmly browse where you prefer. This is often a welcome further, however we’re unsure however typically it’ll defend you from something, and also the further DNS work would possibly fractionally block your browsing. Home Network Security could be a handy scanner that checks your network for security problems, comparable to weak secret writing or devices which could be accessible from the net. It provided valuable data in our tests, however decoding and exploitation this needs some networking information.

Avast’s Sandbox runs programs in an exceedingly safe isolated setting wherever they cannot have an effect on your main system. It’s helpful as how for consultants to check programs they’re unsure concerning the security of, however less technical sorts can most likely ne’er use it.

Software Update

The software system Updater checks for updates to browsers, iTunes, Adobe Reader, Flash, Java, and many different well-liked applications. There are similar free tools that support additional software system, however this one still will a valuable job, properly detective work 8 vital missing patches and putting in all with a click. In theory it may also find and install updates mechanically, however this simply generated a ‘content unavailable’ error and recommendation to see our net affiliation (which was operating perfectly). There’s a basic parole manager that stores all of your passwords and syncs them across devices. It works, however the shape auto-filling feature did not perpetually deliver for us, and there are higher software system parole managers around.

It’s a similar story with Avast’s Cleanup, a tool for detective work and removing junk files. It finds lots of leftovers however does not show you precisely what it’s progressing to delete, that makes us nervous. You are happier with one thing like CCleaner. There’s no doubt that Avast professional Antivirus features a prolonged feature list, and near to everything is vastly configurable. Some modules have problems, though, others are not strictly malware-related, and you may replace several of them with similar or higher applications free. It’s still a strong package, however do not simply specialize in the quantity of features: verify all successively, and puzzle out what you actually would like and can use.


Avast did a decent job detective work our malware samples, however to grasp the large image we tend to conjointly understand of the verdicts of the freelance testing labs. AV-Comparatives’ regular real-world protection tests sometimes provides a terribly consistent indicator of dependableness – however not now. Avast has flat-topped the charts, however conjointly came back average and below average results, typically in consecutive months. The general image is not unhealthy in the least – Avast got additional Advanced+ awards in 2016 than BullGuard, F-Secure, and Sophos, Trend small and additional – however with most variation it’s laborious to own confidence within the figures. AV-Test’s Windows home user reports are additional pacifying. There are solely 2 of those a year, however the 2016 reports and also the 1st 2017 take a look at all offer Avast high marks for defense. Then again we checked SE-Labs Jan-Mar 2017 Home Anti-Malware Protection take a look at, and located it placed Avast Free Antivirus in last place out of 8 product, behind even Microsoft Security necessities.

Final Words

Avast professional Antivirus is filled with options and might be terribly correct, however all of its best bits are already on the market in Avast Free. Unless you wish the sandbox or secure DNS, we’d elect the free edition instead. For the foremost half there is very little to fret concerning once it involves the virus protection aspect of things; Avast can simply run within the background and keep out the approach till it’s required, and you’ll be able to perform a manual scan if you wish. Venture into Settings, however, and prepare to whimper. There is not solely a on the face of it endless choice of settings, they’re terribly inefficiently arranged out. It’s sensible to own choices, however they’re most likely best left to advanced users.


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